Todd Delmay
President & CEO

Todd is the President & CEO of Delmay Corporation, guiding the strategy for each of our brands, and personally overseeing the building and maintenance of our Quantum Reservation Systemâ„¢. He is also a best-selling Author on Entrepreneurship.


Jeff Delmay
Chief Operations Officer

Jeff has over 12 years as an hotelier at three top South Florida hotels, and is passionate about people. Jeff helps clients operate meetings and events that achieve their business goals while guaranteeing them the best service, consultation, and value.



Lorna Ayala

Director of Accounts

Lorna's experience working in sales, front desk operations and as a concierge at luxury hotels has given her the necessary skill set to support sales, account management and operations by delivering excellent customer service to our clients. Her personable style puts everyone at ease.   954.744.8396


Ely Holmes

Operations Manager

Ely comes to us with an extensive background in hotels, and we knew her in that role long before we were fortunate to have her come join us. She is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, and we know she is one of the best in our industry!   954.744.8396


Anne Posschelle

Sr. Sales Manager

Anne Posschelle brings countless years of hotel and destination services experience, having worked for some of the most renowned brands in hospitality. Anne oversees the sales development of our Destination Management Services   954.744.8396


Elyse Kaplan

Director of Business Development

Elyse is a seasoned sales professional who started her career in hotels and hospitality, and after years in other industries has returned to her passion. Elyse is tasked with sharing how Delmay can add value to new clients' events, and to sharing how the use of our system transforms the way event producers do business.   954.744.8396


Lakeshia Barr

Accounts Director

Lakeshia plays a key role in providing coordination for our Accounts and Operations Teams. Her friendly manner and attention to detail make her a valued member of the team.   954.744.8396